Forward Thinking Founders

Forward Thinking Founders

Forward Thinking Founders is a podcast where Mat interviews high potential founders with early stage companies. This allows us to see inside the brain of genius founders before the rest of the world knows they even exist. On this show, you'll learn all about how to start a startup, pros and cons of different verticals, and learn the backstory and vision of tomorrow's billion-dollar companies, straight from the founders. With guests coming from Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Pioneer, and the Seedscout network, you're sure to get a sneak peek at world-class founders at work, every day. This is Forward Thinking Founders.

Recent Episodes

824 - George Oni (Ancillary) On Democratizing Access to Hedge Funds

May 7, 2022

George Oni is the founder of Ancillary. Ancillary enables anyone to start, raise & manage a fund to trade stocks, crypto, options & more.

823 - Manni Okim (Loocum) on helping healthcare providers find and do their best work.

May 4, 2022

Manni Okim is the founder of Locoom. Loocum's cloud-based technology enables healthcare professionals find work they love and healthcare facilities fill vacancies and open shifts easily.

822 - Laila Chima (Winter) On Selling NFTs Via a Credit Card

May 3, 2022

Laila Chima is the cofounder of Winter. Winter helps businesses sell NFTs with a credit card.

821 - Setsabile Mkhabela (Boast ID) On Building a Marketplace For Emerging Sustainable Brands

April 17, 2022

Setsabile Mkhabela is the founder of Boast ID. They make it easier for Brands, Creatives and social impact initiatives to gain access to their markets and the necessary tools to sell their items.

820 - Emmanuel Ndifor (Skilbi) On Facilitating Valuable Career Connections Via Mentorship

April 17, 2022

Emmanuel Ndifor is the founder of Skilbi. Skilbi has made it simple for anyone to intentionally connect with students seeking career guidance.

819 - Liam Gerada (Krepling) On Powering the Next Generation of Commerce

April 17, 2022

Liam Gerada is the founder of Krepling. Krepling’s platform empowers your brand to sell online and in-person, powering payments for subscriptions, digital products, marketplaces, and everything the world of e-commerce has to…