Nov. 16, 2019

044 - Abhi CVK (Hutsy) On Real Estate Innovation

044 - Abhi CVK (Hutsy) On Real Estate Innovation

In this episode, I talk to Abhi CVK about Hutsy, which is a technology company in the real estate space. This feels like a masterclass on what's going in within the real estate market, and I learned a ton and I'm sure you will too.

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In this episode, we talk about so many topics related to real estate. Some of the questions that I ask Abhi are:

  • What is Hutsy?
  • What is the New York Tech scene like?
  • How does Hutsy feel to a user? Walk through a user experience with me.
  • Where are the big three waves of real estate tech innovation?
  • Are you similar to Atrium for real estate?
  • What was Y Combinator like for you?
  • How do you know when the right time to pivot is?
  • What interests you in the world right now?
  •  What framework do you have for picking good ides to work on?
  • What are your biggest learnings from startup a startup in college?
  • What does Hutsy look like in a decade?
  • Any advice for first-time founders just getting started?

Find Abhi on Twitter here. Find Hutsy here.

Thanks for tuning in to today's episode of Forward Thinking Founders! See you tomorrow :)