Dec. 3, 2019

061 - Kevin Sun (Dex) On Personal CRMs

061 - Kevin Sun (Dex) On Personal CRMs

In this episode, Kevin and I talk about what it's like building a personal CRM, plus we go into a bunch of high-level questions about humanity, You'll get a kick out of this one!

In this episode, I interview Kevin Sun, who is the founder of Dex. Dex is a personal CRM. In this episode, we dive into:

  • What is Dex?
  • What's the inspiration behind Dex?
  • How does someone use Dex?
  • Why didn't our parent's address books transfer to the digital age for us?
  • How do you know what features to build with Dex?
  • What features do you plan on building in the next decade to make Dex better?
  • What are your tips on relationship management?
  • How do you think about getting users?
  • How should I manage my 10,000 LinkedIn connections?
  • What are the coolest products you use?
  • How can the forward thinking founder community help you?

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