Dec. 7, 2019

065 - François Baldassari (Memfault) On Preparing for YC's Demo Day

065 - François Baldassari (Memfault) On Preparing for YC's Demo Day

In this episode, François and I dive into the world of hardware and we look back on his time in Y Combinator and replayed some fond memories. Hope you enjoy this episode of Forward Thinking Founders!

Basic information:
François Baldassari is the Cofounder and CEO of Memfault. Memfault can automatically catch, triage, and fix issues on any hardware platform.

Memfault has raised 2.7M from Uncork Capital, Y Combinator, and others.
Listen to this episode if you:
- Are working on a hardware product and dislike the debugging process
- Are a consumer of hardware products and want to help the companies be more successful
- Are interested to know more about what happens inside Y Combinator
- Want to know how to get early users for your platform
- Want to hear what an experienced tech veteran thinks about the world

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