Dec. 8, 2019

066 - Greg Head (Gregslist) On Scaling to $100M in revenue

066 - Greg Head (Gregslist) On Scaling to $100M in revenue

Greg is the former CMO of Infusionsoft and ACT, so he knows a thing or two about scaling companies to unicorn status. I hope you enjoy this exciting conversation on the stages of growth for a startup!

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Basic information:
Greg Head is the CEO of Scaling Point and founder of Gregslist. Greglist is a network of lists that map all software companies in different geographies (Phoenix, Dallas, Utah , etc.). It's important to note that Greg was also the CMO that scaled Infusionsoft from the low millions to over $100M+.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Want to learn about how tech hubs outside of the coasts can improve their scene and presence on a national scale.
- Want to hear about early days of growth at Infusionsoft
- Are curious to learn about the stages of growth of a scale-up, and what changes need to be made at each stage
- Are interested to hear the perspective of an accomplished tech leader, but outside a traditional tech hub.
- Want advice on how to think about growth as an early (or late) stage founder
- How to scale exponentially with your company, not linearly.

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