Dec. 9, 2019

067 - Travis Hedge (Vouch) On Storytelling & Fundraising

067 - Travis Hedge (Vouch) On Storytelling & Fundraising

In this episode, we talk to Travis Hedge, co-founder of Vouch. We dive into business insurance and how he raised a seed round for Vouch through storytelling.

Basic information:
Travis Hedge is the Cofounder of Vouch. Vouch provides business insurance for startups.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Are wondering if you should get insurance for your startup
- Are curious how to capitalize on an old industry into a quickly growing startup.
- Are interested in how the process of selling within the YC network works.
- Are interested in learning how to raise a seed round
- Want to learn how to tell a story that the investors will align with
- Are curious about how to think like an investor, as a founder.

An ask from Mat
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