Dec. 20, 2019

078 - Emily Karlzen (Arch Rift) On Space Tourism

078 - Emily Karlzen (Arch Rift) On Space Tourism

Emily and I dive into Arch Rift, which is her product for the space industry. We also talk about the art of pitching. Hope you enjoy hearing from this very bright founder!

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Basic information:
Emily Is the co-founder and CEO of Arch Rift. Arch Rift aims to make spaceflight safer and more comfortable. They are developing an automatically deploying oxygen helmet for use in space tourism and the space settlements of the future.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Are interested in space exploration or space tourism
- Want to know how to build a product in the space industry
- Are curious to know how to pitch a SpaceTech company
- Are building a hardware startup
- Want to know how to succeed as a student entrepreneur
- Have a big idea and don't know the best ways to get started
- Want to know what to watch out for when using university resources

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