Dec. 21, 2019

079 - Michael Radchuk (Whistle) On Getting Users From Scratch

079 - Michael Radchuk (Whistle) On Getting Users From Scratch

In this episode, Michael and I jam on topics ranging from sport officiating apps all way to recruiting users for your startup. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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Basic information:
Michael is the cofounder of Whistle. Whistle aims to remove the barriers and inefficiencies out of scheduling and coordinating game officials.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Have an interest in sports technology
- Like playing pickup soccer or organizes pickup leagues
- Are interested to hear the backstory of Whistle
- Want to learn about how to get users from scratch 
- Wondering how to think about different growth channels
- Want to know how to evaluate growth channels in the early days of a startup
- Are curious about what Whistle could use help with!

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