Dec. 22, 2019

080 - Teague Orgeman (Starting 11) On Breaking Into Regulated Markets

080 - Teague Orgeman (Starting 11) On Breaking Into Regulated Markets

In this episode, Teague and I jam on Starting 11, his fantasy sports app, as well as dive deep into different ways to break into regulated markets.

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Basic information:
Teague is the cofounder and CEO of Starting 11. Starting11 is a Fantasy football (US Soccer) app, where you make substitutions to your squad in real time - just like a real-life manager. 

Listen to this episode if you:
- Are interested in US Soccer and building software around it
- Play fantasy sports and want better tech for it
- Would play fantasy sports if there were more options other than a single season league
- Are working in a regulated industry and want to know the best way to navigate 
- Are wondering if taking the Uber approach to regulation is the best way to go
- Are curious about how to build a team to break into regulated markets
- Are wondering how you can help Teague and the Starting11 team on their mission!

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