Dec. 23, 2019

081 - Dave Goldblatt ( Wavechat) On The Future of Audio Technology

081 - Dave Goldblatt ( Wavechat) On The Future of Audio Technology

In this episode, Dave and I go deep into the world of audio. Dave has an amazing product mind and I hope you get as much value out of this podcast as I did.

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Basic information:
Dave is the co-founder of Wavechat, an app where its users can send short-form audio messages (or micropodcasts) to their friends and connections.
Listen to this episode if you:
- Are interested in the audio industry
- Are into the podcast movement and want to see where it can go.
- Like micro content and want to see how it will apply to audio-first.
- Are curious to know what the next generation of social networks will look like
- Are interested to hear what the learning opportunity is like inside of Facebook
- Are interested to hear about predictions for the audio industry
- Are wondering about the innovation that Airpod's unlock
- Want to see how you can help with Wavechat's vision!

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