Dec. 28, 2019

086 - Valentin Perez (Monthly) On Learning New Skills

086 - Valentin Perez (Monthly) On Learning New Skills

Valentin and I jam on the future of education and learning in this awesome episode of Forward Thinking Founders.

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Basic information:
Valentin is the cofounder of Monthly. Monthly allows anyone to learn anything in a month. Take immersive, month-long classes with the world’s best instructors and master a craft in 30 days.
Listen to this episode if you:
- Are into #EdTech
- Like learning new things
- Have once been users of EdX or Udemy
- Want to know what the learning experience is like inside of Monthly
- Want to hear about how Monthly thinks about distribution
- Are interested in how they think about courses to add in
- Want to hear the vision for Monthly

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