Dec. 29, 2019

087 - David Booth (On Deck) On Breaking Into Tech

087 - David Booth (On Deck) On Breaking Into Tech

In his episode with David Booth, we dive into his company, On Deck, and what the future looks like for the tech industry in SF and beyond! I hope you get some value out of this episode.

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Basic information:

David is the cofounder and CEO of On Deck. On Deck is where top tech talent goes to explore what’s next. It's mainly targeting people who are thinking of starting or\ joining their next company in the tech world.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Want to start a company in the next few months
- Want to break into tech but don't live in SF or NY
- Are interested in the concept of a credential
- Want to hear how On Deck got started
- Want to hear about On Deck upcoming product, cosign
- Want to hear David's thoughts on spotting talent

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