Jan. 12, 2020

101 - Jason Wang (FreeWorld) On Giving Felons A 2nd Chance

101 - Jason Wang (FreeWorld) On Giving Felons A 2nd Chance

In this episode, Jason and I talk about giving felons 2nd chance. This may be one of the deepest episodes we've done, so I hope you enjoy!

About this episode:
Jason is the CEO of FreeWorld. FreeWorld will keep 26 million ex-felons prison free through living-wage employment.

Listen to this episode if you:
- Want to know the type of childhood that most felons go through
- Are curious how felons hear about FreeWorld
- Want to know what the FreeWorld program provides
- Are curious why Jason went with the nonprofit route
- Wonder how Jason got funding for FreeWorld?
- Wonder how Jason thinks about the ever-changing job market
- Want to know how Jason become a felon himself
- What is the vision of FreeWorld
- And tons more!

Check out Jason on Twitter here.