Jan. 16, 2020

105 - Pranay Prakash (Windsor) on Credentials

105 - Pranay Prakash (Windsor) on Credentials

Pranay and I dive all over the place from single-user analytics, credentials, and the future of education. I hope you enjoy this episode of Forward Thinking Founders!

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About this episode:
Pranay is the CEO and cofounder of Windsor. Windsor indexes events across all your company's tools so you can easily find what a user did using just their name or email address.

Listen to this episode if:
You are interested in user analytics 
- You're in a product role at a company
- You are interested in the power of Credentials 
- Are curious to hear about how products get spread around within YC
- Are interested to hear about if bootcamps will continue to grow
- Want to hear the vision for Windsor
- And tons more!