Feb. 9, 2020

124 - Ammon Bartram (Triplebyte) On Rethinking Technical Hiring Software

124 -  Ammon Bartram (Triplebyte) On Rethinking Technical Hiring Software

In this episode, Ammon and I jam on all things Triplebyte, a hush hush new product launch, and we cover a variety of topics around homeschooling and credentials!

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About this episode:Ammon is the co-founder and CEO of Triplebyte. Triplebyte offers a test that evaluates your technical skills. Go through the Triplebyte test once, then skip straight to final interviews with top tech companies. Once you pass, you're accepted for life.

Listen to this episode if you are interested in:

- Hiring developers
- How recruiting systems work
- A new Triplebyte product release
- Homeschooling
- Credentials
- Knowing what to work on/invest time appropriately
- The big vision for Triplebyte
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