Feb. 16, 2020

125 - John Milinovich (Plato Design) On The Gig Economy

125 -  John Milinovich (Plato Design) On The Gig Economy

In this episode, John and I jam on all things design, freelancing, and future of work/gig economy. I also enjoyed this because Plato reminded me a lot of PubLoft! Hope you like it :)

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About this episode:John is the co-founder and CEO of Plato Design. Plato works with the most innovative companies in the world to make them more valuable through design. They are effectively scaling the agency model.

Listen to this episode if you are interested in:

- Design challenges
- How to scale services
- Challenges that freelancers go through
- Me geeking out on the Gig economy
- What is the future of work?
- The big vision for Plato
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