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Mat’s Nailed FTF - A+!

Was just on for episode 300, and Mat is a terrific host who has found an amazing format! I’ve listened to over 20 episodes now and get something great out of each one. Here’s to 1,000 episodes!

EasyUpp loves FTF

Had a great time on the podcast as a guest. Mat took the time to understand our business. We appreciate the light he shines on new companies!

Mat consistently produces quality content

I have no idea how he does it, but Mat consistency produces quality content and uncovers rising founders. If this podcast was an investment portfolio, I'd want in.

Awesome Podcast!

Mat asks great questions and gives the space for his guests to talk. It’s a great, short hit of wisdom from a diverse group of people. Well done!

Great podcast for founders and investors

This podcast is great if you’re a founder or an investor working in the early-stage startup space!

Matt’s doing a great job!

Stumbled across this podcast twice. On the second time i subscribed. Matt stays up to date and asks the right question. Keep it up.

Great podcast for people interested in startups

Great listen to learn about early stage companies and their challenges and stories

Amazing podcast

Whether you’re into tech or not, this podcast is amazing because it features new companies that are changing your world, and who doesn’t want to learn about the coolest new things before everyone else does!!!? Also amazing founders with interesting perspectives come on and discuss their companies which is also really cool. Episodes are brief and captivating. I’d definitely recommend to anyone!

Exciting guests and nice format

Just finished listening to the interview with Jomari of Finite Games. I love this format that focuses on products/services and their potential. I think this really draws out the opportunity to hear about a diverse set of businesses. I definitely recommend you give a listen

Amazing podcast, can’t get enough :)

I love Mat’s podcast. He has super high caliber guests, asks really good questions and creates space for wonderful discussions. Highly recommend listening to as many episodes as possible. I’m definitely hooked!

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established in your entrepreneurial career, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Mat does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving startup, and life you can be proud of - from innovators literally shaping our technological future. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

The cutting edge

I love this podcast because I can hear about startups right at the begining of their journey not just after they are successful (which is basically every other business podcast). I think FTF is pretty unique in that way. Plus I love to guess if I believe that the founders idea and business is going to work or not:)

Fantastic podcast

Great podcast to learn more about new startups.


Mat is a fantastic host who asks provactive questions and gets the most for his audience


It's pretty clear that these 2 dudes, Cix and Dilan are visionaries. In other words, they have a glimse into the future. Think of the positive value of this virtual watch and how turning a game into exercise and fun adds value to the VR and AR world. Great stuff! Of note is that the virtual watch can be used as a real watch while immersed in a VR/AR environment. That is a very practical and useful feature. The potential applications of a virtual bio feedback watch has enormous potentials in other environments. medical, flight training and bio feedback in flight simulations, bio feedback controls in psychology, and on and on. I liked the nature and diversity of the questions Mat asked. Great podcast. Great name for a podcast and two great forward thinking founders!

Amazing interview

Mat was respectful, thoughtful and brought up excellent questions during our Podcast. Listening to the other podcasts as quite compelling as well. He is going to make this big!

Love this podcast!

Mat is an amazing host and manages to get everyone from young founders to SV icons! The podcast gets really in depth with founders, and I always learn a lot. One of my all time favorites!!

Incredibly interesting companies

Mat truly has a knack for finding the undiscovered talent and companies that are on the brink of disruption. If you ever have an aspiration to start your own company, I highly recommend listening to the podcast and hearing how some of these founders are thinking about the ever-changing startup space.

Love the concept and awesome host!

Mat does an incredible job connecting with early stage founders to tell their story.

Awesome podcast!

Mat is an excellent host.

Ready for more

I love the wide range of founders you bring on. Thank you for making all this knowledge accessible to us Mat!

Superstar guests, great host

Mat is a great interviewer, and always has really interesting superstar guests

Great stories from great people!

Mat does a great job telling the stories of founders that are trying to make their dream a reality. His thoughtful questions always keep me engaged!

Great podcast

Mat somehow finds all these early stage founders before other people know they exist. Great content for early and aspiring founders. Keep it up, Mat!

Solid podcast with top Silicon Valley & beyond founders & investors

Great podcast and Mat keeps it really interesting. Thanks for sharing these stories with current and future unicorns! 🚀

Raw and Refreshing

Mat asks great questions and it’s really fun to hear what other founders are doing and battling. The variety is thick and the conversation is interesting. Good stuff.

Conversational, Insightful

FTF is casual conversation with known and soon-to-be known startup leaders. Mat asks approachable questions, and his guests are consistently talented.

Amazing Range of Guests

Mat is incredibly talented at producing quality content, and he’s especially talented at getting impressive people to give him their time. I love his guests, his interviewing skills, and the premise of this podcasts. 🔥

Unearthing hidden talent

Matt has a unique ability to find people before they’re well known. This means the content is typically much more raw, unfiltered, and tactical which I tend to like more than listening to “common wisdom.”

Great Podcast with Great Guests

This podcast is great! Mat is really good at finding phenomenal entrepreneurs who are early stage in their ventures. A nice listen.