Nov. 29, 2019

057- Chandan Lodha (CoinTracker) On Cryptocurrency

057- Chandan Lodha (CoinTracker) On Cryptocurrency

Chandan and I jam on the future of cryptocurrency and talk about his company, Cointracker.

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In this conversation with Chandan Lodha, the cofounder of Cointracker, we dive deep into the world of cryptocurrency. Cointracker is a product that helps you track your crypto portfolio and makes sure you stay compliant within the IRS. In this conversation, Chandan answers some of these questions:
  • What is Cointracker?
  • How does your portfolio tracker product work?
  • Is cryptocurrency taxed by the government?
  • Why did you decide to start Cointracker?
  • Were you working on this during the 2017 hype cycle? What was that like?
  • Did you know the market was about to blow up before it did when you first started?
  • What is the state of cryptocurrency in 2019?
  • Is being a first-mover in the cryptocurrency domain a good idea? Are there good apps being built on blockchain tech right now?
  • How should someone think about opportunities to build in the crypto space?
  • What's your vision for Cointracker?
  • What do you think of Libra?
  • What are tips you have for aspiring founders?
  • How can the Forward Thinking Founders community help you?

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