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True startup podcast

Mat’s podcast is great in that he features founders in the earliest stage. This is the time that rarely is talked about yet when the passionate founders pour everything into the company to get it off the ground, literally starting up the company. I would say this a true startup podcast.

Absolutely wonderful experience

It’s been a pleasure talking to Mat, the host of this interesting podcast

So good!

I really enjoyed speaking to Mat. Also enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to. Mat asks the core questions so entrepreneurs can share industry trends, the value of what they’re building as well as the challenges they face.

Great Podcast

Mat does a great job picking founders, and putting them at ease to crate a terrific listen.

Succinct and Informative

Mat does a great job of asking about the core of each business and their backstory. Had a great time being on the show!

Mat Sherman is a Force of Nature

This is the guy you want to pay attention to. He’s changing the game and disrupting the Silly-con Vally establishment. Every episode is a revelation.

Great startup conversations.

I’ve subscribed for months and always get good insight we can use for our company.

Love it

Mat’s awesome to talk to and asks great questions. Would recommend!!

Love this

Great way to learn about what is out ther, so many amazing ideas

Super useful and enjoyable content on the world of tech founders!

I love the discussions and the info shared, and appreciate the brief format! Thanks for pumping out all this useful and enjoyable content.

Really enjoying this podcast!

Short bites and quick introductions into what entrepreneurs are working on! Love it!

Highly recommend!

Love these little bite sized chunks, and the conversations he has with his guests are all super relatable and engaging - keep it up Mat!

Love this podcast!

Thanks Mat for introducing us to purpose-driven founders that we can cheer on as they change the world! Really inspiring content!

Great podcast!

Really enjoyed the interviews. I learned so much

Best startup focused podcast yet

Mat has shown his brilliance once again. By capturing early stage founders at the beginning of their startup journey he’s able to gain rapport with them and this puts him in a position to not only track these founders but connect them with resources (Angels, VC, vendors) they might not otherwise have access to.

Love this podcast

Mat is great and I love learning about all these new companies.

Great content!

Great interview pace and insightful content - I loved the interview with the Joro app founder. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes. Great Podcast!

So worth the time

Quick, dense, valuable interviews. Mat is on to something big. Great podcast.

Quick and to-the-point

Mat does a great job at finding new founders and exploring their work. This podcast is great if you want to gain a quick idea of the startup landscape and the companies in it.

Highly recommend

Great podcast to learn the journeys of early stage founders. A must to listen to!

favorite new podcast

Loving this podcast. I’ve been on a marathon running through episodes and it’s really getting the creative juices going. Great see so many diverse ideas at the early stages, helps me predict where the puck is headed in the future of tech. Hoping to be worth interviewing one day. Thanks for the terrific podcast Mat! 🙏 Best, Gerald @ GrepMed

Very insightful

I enjoy listening to this broadcast a lot. Mat is able to find very interesting stories and founders to talk to. I enjoy hearing about all the ideas that the various founders have

Great host

I love Matt’s direct questions on background stories - brings a lot of insights into company formation.

Forward Thinking wins

What a great Blog! Aparently Mat has a great mission to help founders with out of the box ideas! This should be "required reading" or at least required listening to ignite the imaginations of those who will forge forward into the realities of an expanding Universe. Many of these stories (500 and counting up) ignite true inspiration from those building tomorrow with the resources of today that were not realized yesterday! Go founders, and thanks Mat for bringing ideas to light!

Awesome host and huge supporter of founders!

Mat is a wonderful host and is always looking out for other founders. It’s hard to find someone like that. His podcast approach on getting to the grit of the story is what I find enjoyable. Looking forward to listening to other founders!

Overall great experience!

Mat is a great host and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my story. Mat is really on to something and I’m excited to prove him right.

Great Podcast

Mat is an incredible host! Thanks for having me on the show. I have also loved listening to all the amazing stories of fellow founders and the future they are building!

Love this podcast

It was great to be on the podcast. Mat is a great host and has brought on some awesome companies!


Mat is a great host. Really enjoyed being on the show and listening to other podcasts.

Great show

Well done show with a great host!