Feb. 1, 2020

121 - Arjun Patel (Workclout) On Tools For The Industrial Workforce

121 - Arjun Patel (Workclout) On Tools For The Industrial Workforce

Arjun and I jam all about tools for industrial workers. We go all over the place in this one in the best way, so I really hope you enjoy this episode of Forward Thinking Founders.

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About this episode: Arjun is the cofounder and CEO of WorkClout. WorkClout centralizes on-the-job training, knowledge building, and issue tracking to give your workers the tools they need to do their jobs at their full potential.
Listen to this episode if you are interested in:
- Industrial Tech
- Knowing what to work on
- Future of factories
- Palmer Luckey
- AR and VR
- Future of work in general

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