March 20, 2020

134 - Jas Toor (CabTreks) On Competing With Amazon Prime

134 - Jas Toor (CabTreks) On Competing With Amazon Prime

Jas and I talk about logistics and how to help pharmacies compete with Amazon's Pill Pack w/ his company, CabTreks!

About this episode: Jas is the co-founder and CEO of CabTreks. Cabtreks focuses on connecting under-utilized fleets to businesses struggling to meet the demands of same-day delivery.
Listen to this episode if you are:

- A Pharmacy owner
-  interested in competing with Amazon Prime's one-day shipping
- Interested in understanding how logistics work
- Wondering what type of model is best for bringing a startup into life (lean startup vs. raboisism)
- Wondering about trends that he's Jas's learned about since starting CabTreks?
- Curious about the big vision for CabTreks
- And tons more!

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