Oct. 30, 2022

853 - David Paul, GP at DWP Capital

853 - David Paul, GP at DWP Capital

David Paul is the CEO and a founding member of DWP Capital.

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David Paul is the CEO and a founding member of DWP Capital. For more than seven years, Mr. Paul has been actively engaged in growth equity and venture capital investing, primarily in software and tech-enabled services.

In 2016, he joined Canal Partners (2016-2020), a multi-family office specializing in growth capital opportunities, after working at seed-stage venture fund Tallwave Capital as an Associate (2015-2016). During his five-year tenure at Canal Partners, he was jointly responsible for software investing. In addition, he was one of two lead partners for seven investments, serving on the board of directors of 6 companies. Mr. Paul left Canal Partners in 2020 to focus his time on his other investment interests, including DWP Capital.

David started DWP Capital in January of 2021. This investment vehicle focuses on investing in Seed and early Series A stage companies technology companies.

David received his B.A. from Springfield College in 2009 (Cum Laude) and his MBA from Northeastern University in 2013. He is a Trustee of the Linda Tuero Foundation and a Board Member of Social Venture Partners Phoenix. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife, Stacy.

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